About Us

Have you ever contemplated how people become good at Bitcoin? Usually, it happens by chance. I was that type of person. It was just one of those types of days where nothing seemed to go right, and I was pretty down on my luck. You see, I’d just quit my job on Wall Street and knew I couldn’t go home to my wife and young daughter to tell them yet.

With nothing going for me, I ended up at the park, where I met a man. He was wearing an expensive pair of jeans that must have cost $500 and a light cashmere sweater. You could tell he was a man of leisure, but he had money.

I was intrigued when he said, “You just quit, and now you’re panicked.” How did he know?!

That started the beginning of a beautiful partnership. He had been working on this algorithm, which is like a formula. This man had been trading Bitcoin, but he wasn’t happy with the bots on the market and knew he could do better. For that, he needed someone who understood trading. Being on Wall Street, I knew a thing or two, so we put our heads together and came up with…

Bitcoin Up!

We set off to create one of the most successful trading software options on the market. Of course, we were so thrilled that it all came together so fast. At first, we let our family and friends test it out (after extensive testing with our own money). Then, we decided to go live with it and give everyone a chance to get in on the money-making fun.

About the Software

Anyone can trade Bitcoin, and they don’t need a bot to do it. Why am I telling you this? You need to understand why our software is so good. We’ve tested it extensively. With the incredibly powerful algorithm behind it, there is no other option like it. It’s accurate, fast, and agile enough to handle the volatile market.

Become a Member

Of course, we created Bitcoin Up and want everyone to be a member because this and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Our software does everything for you; set your parameters, and let it run. This is amazing because it allows you to do other things around the house (like that long honey-do list your wife has for you). It works because it compares a lot of data to make sure it’s offering the most profitable of opportunities.

We’re Leading the Way

Currently, Bitcoin Up is the only software that works well for beginners and professional traders. You can pick how involved you are with the trading, such as doing it manually, but you’re sure to be successful.

Our Invitation to You

If you’ve never traded online, you’re worried and a little nervous, we completely understand. However, you can use our demo to get comfortable with the software before investing any money yourself.

Bitcoin is here to stay. You may as well become part of the movement and get into the trading world Today!